Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Happy First Birthday, Gingerbread Cookie! Our last grandchild and no more on the horizon for awhile. It's almost sad how fast they grow. Truly, like the Bible says, life is just a vapor. I hate it that we missed her birthday party Saturday, but that's what you get when things are like they are. We will already be passing through there tomorrow on our trek to West Point, and with the price of gas being the exorbitant $3.80+ that it is, we just can't justify two trips.

And speaking of our boy... woe is me... tonight will be his last night in his own little bed.

My whole perception of *me* is about to change, and change is painful! Even when it's good. And here I vacillate between "confidently ready" and "a nervous wreck." Which one is the *real* me?

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grammaw marina said...

Sweet little babies, how cute they are!

Those are both you, marytoo!! One's the front and the other's the back! LOL

Try to have fun, you're okay, Love from me