Monday, June 23, 2008

One Week To R-Day

Today I took the last green link off the countdown chain. Next week at this time we will be on our own, wandering around West Point, waiting for the swearing-in ceremony, which will be our last glimpse of our boy until...? If by some far and away chance we do manage to see (and recognize) him in a sea of 1,000+ "new cadets" (Is that the right term now?), there will be NO acknowledgment, and definitely NO contact! So, in a way, I hope we don't see him. Then we don't have to pretend we don't see him.

M is off on more last suppers and last visits and last errands, and I am frantically trying to do every last-minute thing around here. Laundry and packing most definitely. Make sure all the bills are paid up ahead of time. Stop the mail. Stop the newspaper. Mow the yard. Clean out the refrigerator~well, at least there won't be any more cooking going on in there until...oh...sometime next month! More last things than last minutes, I'm afraid, and I'm sure there are a good plenty I haven't even thought of yet. Probably one thing I really don't have time for is sitting around p/reminiscing...

Exciting and anxious times around here this week.

And Happy Birthday, Grandma!

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Anonymous said...

Awe, I feel for you!! My husband just got out of the Army after two tours in Iraq. Army life is a big adjustment but I know you will do just fine. If you need someone to talk to dont hesitate to email me. TheRetroHousewife at gmail dot com