Sunday, June 8, 2008


We are definitely moving up in the world! We spent the afternoon in the high society company of every sort of distinction. Generals and other West Point graduates and military retirees everywhere we looked. Decidedly not our usual crowd. However, they are just a bunch of people, and if you talk to them they talk to you. If you don't talk to them, they come up and introduce themselves. Nice guys in any event, so, either way, get ready to be regaled with all manner of war sagas. It makes a very entertaining afternoon.

We spent quite awhile chatting with a man named Prosper. I love his cool name! He used to be a country boy from Abilene before he was transformed into world-class by West Point and the U.S. Army (class of 54). He had a lot of funny stories, but he called M "cannon fodder." ACK!!!

It was interesting to meet a number of people who knew us or of us, whom we did not know. I'll tell you one thing, it pays to keep your nose clean, because you never know who is checking you out!

And, we finally were able to hook up with the mythical parents' club. That is one hard-to-get group of people. I was actually beginning to doubt their existence, but apparently they are for real ~ presently headed by a lovely Dutch couple, parents of QUADRUPLETS!, one of whom will be a Firstie ("senior" in civilian) at West Point next year (Now there is a woman who deserves a medal! She survived college applications for four children in the same year.).

So tonight, it's like the old folks home around here. The Man of the House is already fast asleep, and I'm thinking I will be soon, while M is off with a friend to the movies and maybe the batting cage.

Three weeks to R-Day.

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micah said...

"only to have someone else reap the benefit when they grow up and take off!"
I definitely resent that remark!