Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Saving $ Saving Gas

Yeah, right...

Just this morning I was contemplating going to the post office. Considering the almost $4 price of gas, I started thinking of all these extra things I could do while I was out. You know, combine the trips and save $ by saving gas.

Well, things started coming to mind: Since I will be at the post office, I might as well stop by the bank next door and make a deposit. Oh, but before I do that, why don't I go by and pick up my check from the weekend and include that in the deposit. And since I have to pass by the other bank on the way, I might as well take all those coins we rolled to add to our "pool fund." Oh, and you know, I need to pass by the church, so let me just run in and use the paper cutter and dump off my donations for the clothing room. But wait, I need to finish rounding them up and loading them in the van first. And I oughta take advantage of being out and run by WalMart to return that cute little lady bug book I got which I CANNOT get the price tag off of. And then while I'm there I should just go ahead and get a gift card and put some 3c-off gas in the van. You get the picture.

And that doesn't even count getting the Blue-Eyed Boy in and out of the van a hundred times. Nope, I think I'll just stay home. Well, that saves energy, too, so...Mission Accomplished.

By the way, if the exorbitant price of gas is truly due to supply and demand, how come with demand going down now the price is still going up? Has anyone considered putting a muzzle on Wall Street?

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grammaw marina said...

I'm gittin' stressed out reading this and out of breath too - People should be busy but don't take it to extremes! Lemme outta here!!!