Friday, June 20, 2008


All around I see/hear all manner of people celebrating all manner of summer joys and summer fun. But summer is my hands-down, no-contest, very least favorite time of the year. Is that because I live in Texas? I'm not sure, but, whatever it is, I just don't get it.


My favorite things about summer:
1. summer storms;
2. sleeping with the windows open;
3. waking up to rain on my face and the smell of petrichor;
4. mowing the grass (very early morning and very late evening);
5. early mornings before the sun warms up (before 8 a.m.);
6. farmers' markets;
7. fresh food from the garden;
8. a walk in the early morning (see #5);
9. kidlets' birthdays;
10. ?????

was mega brain-taxing!

While this:

My least favorite things:
1. heat;
2. humidity;
3. sweat running down inside my clothes;
4. sweat, period;
5. higher electric bills;
6. a hot kitchen;
7. mosquitoes;
8. a breath-takingly hot car;
9. daylight "saving" time;
10. the sun staying up past bedtime;

was a no-brainer.

Must be something about the...duh...HEAT!

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~~Deby said...

I am NOT a summer girl, either...NOT...we were a Air Force family for over 20+ years and when Washington state was our last assignment and it was cool and very short summers...ahhhha...I felt *I am home*....
cannot stand the heat...