Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Home Alone With the Blue-Eyed Boy

"Poke, I need to wash my hands." "Poke, can I have a drink?" "Poke, I'm hungry." "Poke, I need some yogurt." "Poke, let's play that game with the timer." "Poke, I want to play checkers." "Poke, can we go fishing tonight?" "Poke, will you help me clean up this mess I made?" "Poke, will you cut my fingernails?" "Poke, tell me stories." "Poke, let's go outside." "Poke, I don't wanna rest." "Poke, I spilled the marbles." "Poke, where's the hammer?" (Uh-oh, I wonder what that was about?!) "Poke, where's Papa?" WOW, how I wish I knew!

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