Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quiet Night

Wow, it has been middle-of-the-night quiet here tonight for the past three or four hours. Very, very unusual, so it feels a LOT later than it really is.

M went to play paintball today with his cousin and a couple of friends. They stayed out there all day in that hot Texas sun shooting at each other. Doesn't that sound like fun? M assured me he drank plenty of water, and he was already sunburned from swimming the other day, so what the heck.

He got home around 6, drank a lot of water, and hit the shower. Then he came out to the kitchen and drank some more water. And then he went to his room. I figured he was computing in there, but when I went to ask/tell him something, he was laid out on his bed, fast asleep. He is down for the count, and I won't be waking him up. It is inalterably against my policy to wake a sleeper (unless the house is on fire and I have to get him out). Besides, this particular sleeper definitely needs all he can get (and then some). He has been operating on a serious sleep deficit for the last two years, and the next four years don't look so promising in that department. Maybe he can store some up?

And then there's the Man of the House. He went to work at 4:30 this morning, so his day was already long. We were watching The Red Green Show, and I was, as usual, laughing out loud (Ok, I confess. I find it hilarious.). But only silence from the Man, so I looked over only to see him snoring away, sitting straight up. I removed the hot little computer off his lap, which woke him up, but only long enough to get off the couch and into bed.

It is getting later by the minute, and now...Well, now that it is as late as it feels, I can get busy on the things I still need to get ready for tomorrow. And, since I do not generally enjoy getting up to the dirty dishes, I really oughta think about doing them. Miles to go before I sleep...


micah said...

Texas heat: It was only 95. With a heat index of 103.

And as for this: "It is inalterably against my policy to wake a sleeper," I am going to call BBBBBBBBBBSSSSSS. If they go to bed at 6p, you won't wake them that night, but waking someone who sleeps past 5am seems to be the centerpoint of your sleep policy :)

Just Say No to Cardinals said...

And, I would just like to say that...I'm pretty sure you used to chew Sh out in Nashville for watching the Red Green Show because it was stupid, humorless, and too slap-stick to be funny.


Marytoo said...

I repented! And just in time. I'm gonna need a lot of funny stuff around here.