Monday, July 14, 2008

Two Weeks In

M begins his third week as a new cadet at West Point today. We are utterly proud of him, but not a day goes by that we don't miss him. This week, according to the supe's briefing, they have mountaineering, "mask confidence chamber," and "leader reaction course."

I mailed his packages today, in bubble envelopes. Hopefully they will be small/flexible enough to stuff in his mailbox so he won't have to try to figure out how to get to the post office to pick them up during regular hours.

This morning during my "Where's Waldo?" search, I found two possible pictures. When looking at these mystery pictures, it is important to look at the "big picture" along with other features, and not just the face.

The first picture showed a new cadet in the back of a truck wearing a helmet and sunglasses, so only the nose and mouth were visible. It looked a whole lot like S, but then, M looks a whole lot like S, so...? Possible. M has distinctively long fingers, so I checked the hands. What I could see looked promising, but one hand was sorta cupped around the other one, so I couldn't really tell. M also has long feet, so next I checked out the boots. As much as I wanted it to be my boy, the feet didn't look exactly like size 15's, but they were wearing those camel-colored combat boots, and as I am not yet an expert on those, I still couldn't really tell. final call on this picture is: A Definite Maybe.

The second picture was much more straightforward. There is a group of new cadets standing in formation, apparently sipping out of their camel back waterers. Either that or talking on their cell phones, but that doesn't seem likely. My nc possible is, of course, the only one whose face is not clearly visible, but, I must say, the ear and the neck and the back of the head that I can see look like a pretty good bet!

While I can't say with any degree of certainty today, there is always tomorrow; and there is one thing I know for sure: the search will go on.

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