Monday, July 14, 2008

An (Extremely) Ordinary Day In July

Participating in Little Jenny Wren's sociology experiment, here is a random day in my life:

We got up none too early today, but early enough to get Nellie to the shop to see why one front tire is wearing so unevenly and so much faster than the other tires.

Then back home to do online battle with our medical insurance. It's time to enroll, change, or just renew our policy. If you can get online, that is. We didn't have the right password, Firefox couldn't find the provider, we were not authorized, etc. When it comes to online, quirks and glitches abound.

So we tried the phone, but after 15 minutes on hold, a mechanical voice asked us to leave our name and number and they would call us back "within one business day." We did, and they didn't. We'll see if they do tomorrow. I called back a bit later, and to my everlasting surprise, I got a person. Not only a person, but a helpful person, and that is one chore taken care of for another year.

Then off to pick up Nellie. An alignment was recommended, but they do not do alignments, so that will be another chore at another place for another day.

Back at home to wrap up some packages for M. They are not allowed to receive packages at this time, but he has special permission for these, so I have them all ready to go and I will mail them tomorrow.

A lot of the afternoon was spent, as have been so many (well, most, really) afternoons since we came home, playing "Where's Waldo?" on all the West Point pages. It's a fascinating, but time-consuming pastime. I am guessing that one of these days it will lose its luster, but so far it's been over two weeks, and it is as intriguing as ever.

I had hoped to go to water aerobics this evening, but the weather pretended to turn bad. Big black heavy clouds, the sound of thunder, and the smell of rain. But, as they say in the South, it "didn't mean anything by it," and sure enough, it didn't. Now that it is too late to go, the clouds are moving on and the sun is peeking out, and not a single drop of rain did we get.

I suppose that some day it will be fun to look back and remember an everyday, ordinary day... the kind of days that make up an everyday, ordinary life.

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A happy heart at home said...

Hi. I enjoyed reading about your day. Our days are all so different. I posted my day, too.