Thursday, July 31, 2008

K-9 Cop

Today we had lunch at Taco Bell with some of our grand/kidlets. As we were walking out we noticed a police car pulling into the parking lot, STAY BACK! POLICE DOG! written all over the side. That makes me want to investigate up close!

The officer got out and walked up to the door where we were standing.

"Is your dog in the car?" I asked.

"Yes, ma'am," he replied, and then indicating the kidlets, "I can't show them the dog, but I have cards." He pulled a pack of trading cards out of his pocket and handed them around. Cool!! Next to an American flag sat Azor, straight and tall.

Azor. What a cool name for what a cool dog!

"Your dog isn't going to get hot out there, is he?"

"No, ma'am! We keep the a/c running for him." Well, I don't suppose they are afraid anybody is going to steal their car or anything like that, and what a great deal for Azor. That's waaaay better than what I get when I have to wait in the car.

"Are you going to get your dog a taco?"

"No, ma'am!" No junk food for these dogs. For us people, bring it on! But for these guys, let's have the scientific, vet-approved diet.

Ever since S was a boy, he always loved dogs and he always wanted to be a cop. Thinking it the best of everything in his world, I often suggested K-9 cop-pery to him, but he showed not the barest hint of interest. Finally one day I asked why, and he said, "Mom, if somebody hurt my dog, I would have to kill them."

I am fascinated no end by working dogs, completely awed by the relationship between a trainer/handler and a dog. The things these people can get these dogs to do...and the things these dogs will do for these people. I have always thought that if just a few people would learn just a few lessons from just a few of these animals, the world would be a whole lot, all-around better place.

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