Thursday, July 17, 2008

New York, New York

Thoughts on my recent trip to New York:
  • When you make a purchase, you don't get a receipt if you don't ask for one, and then sometimes you still don't get one.
  • Every single time we asked for something in a store or ordered a meal in a restaurant, our request was answered with "You gaht it."
  • When they say "toll road" in New York, they really, really mean it.
  • It costs a whole lot of $ to get into New York City. What I cannot fathom is WHY?!!!
  • New Yorkers in general, and New York drivers in particular have a reputation. All I know for sure is that I have seen polite-er and courteous-er drivers in Houston and Dallas and Los Angeles.
  • Bumper sticker on a taxi: "Save gas, call a cab." Do cabs in New York run on air or something?
  • Police cars in New York have light bars that can stick straight up!
  • Hwy 117K... Exit 1-41P.... Huh?

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