Friday, October 26, 2012

Five-Minute Friday...VOICE

Voices come in every color.  There are screechy ones and soothing ones.  Some are loud, some are whiny, some are commanding, some are just wimpy.  Voices warn.  Some have stories to tell.  Some inspire confidence, some scare, some encourage.  Some yell, some shout, some sing. 

I like the singing ones.  They open a whole other spectrum of their own:  sopranos, bassos, tenors, altos, baritones.  I love to hear the voices together when they are in tune and in sync with each other.  When they're not.... ew, not so much.  That can get kinda horrifying.

Sometimes they are saying things we really should be listening to.  Some voices have important things to say.  Some voices only think they do.  But what every voice wants is...a voice! 

The main thing that I want is to have a voice, which I don't always feel like I have, and the main thing I want from/for my voice, is that I want it to be heard.

Five Minute Friday


Anonymous said...

I hear you, Marytoo!

(I'm mom of a 3yo - which means I don't yet know that feeling of them growing up and taking off. But I'm worried.)

Marytoo said...

Be worried, mathfour, because it is coming sooner than you think!

Thanks for stopping by!