Monday, October 8, 2012

8th Day of Empty Nesting...Pause

It had to happen.  I'm just a little surprised it took this long.  With my propensity toward a wandering mind, it is ever only a question of time before it takes off down its own rabbit trail.  My Man says I think too much and I talk too much and I don't stick to the subject.  I concede that he is probably right. But this tangent wasn't of my making. 

My friend Darlene died today.  She is the dearest and most faithful of friends.  She is the most virtuous of women.  I have known Darlene well over 20 years, and we share four grandchildren.

Just last week she asked me to come and see her.  She expressed surprise at how fast she was declining.  In the last couple of weeks her prognosis had gone from "one year" to "3-6 months" and now it was at "one month."  But it turned out to be only a week.

I am so thankful that I got to spend that time with her.  She talked about things in the past, and how sad it made her to leave her grandchildren.  She asked me to make sure I told them stories so they would not forget her.  She trusted me with being the double-duty grandma.  She is the best of grandmas, and it will be impossible to fill her shoes.  I will give it my best.

I am thankful that God blessed her with strength and faith, and now she is finished.

What an honor to have had her friendship.

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