Friday, October 12, 2012

Five-Minute Friday....RACE!

It's Friday!  Five-Minute Friday!  How could I forget???

Well, yeah, maybe because today I have to change three bank accounts over to e-banking.  That oughta take all day right there.  Wash the sheets, clean the bathroom, mop the floor, get the bank deposit ready, clean out the refrigerator, figure out what's for dinner tomorrow when we will have a difficult guest with, uh... dietary issues.  Then I will have to make the list and shop.  And arrange a sleeping place for said guest.  I have, almost literally, a TON of papers to file, four checkbooks to balance, and bajillion phone calls to make.  Of course, can't forget to check facebook!  Do the church bulletin, update the church calendar, write some birthday cards, clean off the table...that guest is getting more troublesome by the minute...and clean off the desk.  It's a good thing my friend just called to cancel our breakfast date for tomorrow.  Whew!  One bullet dodged!  And the tax extension from waay back in April, guess what, six months went by like that!  Sunday is potluck dinner, so there's another kitchen plan.  Call grandma, get the payroll tax ready, change the a/c vent, clean out my purse.  In lieu of a "workout" maybe I will RUN to the post office.  And if I get a chance to sit down today (after I get up from here, of course), maybe I will paint my toenails.......

The RACE is on!

                                             Five Minute Friday