Sunday, October 7, 2012

7th Day of Empty Nesting...Reprieve

Every once in awhile there is a little reprieve from the Empty Nest.   It comes in the form of grandchildren, of which we have nine:  five boys and four girls.

Our business is the care and maintenance of "wood burning systems," commonly known as "fireplaces."  We (as in my dh) sweep them and clean them and fix them when they break.  It is a labor-intensive and dirty business, and we are always happy to have help.  When our own boys were at home, they each had their turn at being Daddy's Boy Friday.  Now they are all grown up with jobs and lives of their own, and while they are still willing to help, they are far less available, and so poor Daddy often finds himself on his own.

But...he has grandsons, and the big ones are now big enough to "earn their keep" as we used to say.  They often go to work with Monga, and what a lucky break that is!  They help him, he takes them to lunch, they lift that bale and tote that barge, and they bond.  They are very satisfactory helpers all, but one boy in particular is eager.  He's the one that offers.  He's the one that, even at home, walks into the kitchen and says, "Is there anything I can do?"  That was the boy that went to work with Monga yesterday, and Monga couldn't have been happier.  Because after the fireplaces and lunch at Subway, they came home, and he helped Monga clean out his trailer.  Now that is a job!  Cleaning fireplaces is hard work, but cleaning out the trailer...aaaaagggggghhhhhh!!!!!

No question about it...everybody should have a boy or two around the house.

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