Friday, October 5, 2012

Five-Minute Friday.... WELCOME

"WELCOME" might be the happiest word in the language.  Every other word out there can be used in more than one way, but "welcome" is only ever positive.

"I am happy to see you!"  "Come in!"  "I'm glad you are here!"  Who doesn't like to hear those words and feel those feelings?  I have been to places of welcome, and places of unwelcome, and welcome is the one you want, no contest.

Things that say "welcome":

  • the aroma of dinner in the crockpot when you walk in the door,
  • the smell of the Scentsy burner in the house,
  • the snap and crackle of a cozy fire in the living room,
  • a place to hang up your coat,
  • a chair to sit down in to take off your shoes and warm up your feet.

It occurs to me, looking at my welcome list, that fall is a much more welcoming season than, say summer, or maybe even spring. Spring calls you outdoors, and summer who can stand, but fall and winter invite you in.  What is more welcoming than an invitation to come home...

Five Minute Friday


Sterling River said...

This is fun to read! Thanks for being a great example and inspiration♥

Sterling River said...
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