Friday, October 19, 2012

Five-Minute Friday...LOOK

Five Minute Friday
"LOOK!  A deer!"  That's what my children used to shout while pointing out the window, to DISTRACT me from something they didn't want me to see.  That was a long, long time ago, when they were little kids at home, but it hung on.  It is now a cherished family joke, and still gets dragged out now and then when someone wants to distract.

I am very visually-oriented, so looking is important to me.  I look so much better than I hear, although I'm not sure I always see as well as I look.  I think it's interesting that I can look at something and not see it.  Or that I can look at something and see something different from what the person next to me sees when he looks at the very same thing.  An extra set of eyes is always good to have.

When I look I often see exactly what I want to see.  Or maybe I see only what is glaringly obvious.  If I don't make the effort to discern what I'm really looking at, I see only what is on the outside.  Sometimes that's dangerous, especially when calling judgments on other people.

Every day I am thankful that God doesn't only see what is on the outside of me, but that He sees what is on my heart.  He sees what I really mean and what I really am, which I do not always communicate clearly.


Sterling River said...

Those old inside jokes can get everybody laughing in an instant!

Mommy23 said...

Funny - I kind of have that same joke with my oldest. Inside jokes in a family are the BEST. Thank you for the reminder that God sees our hearts, our intent and now what actually happens. *Stopped in from Five Minute Friday.

Denise said...