Monday, August 25, 2008

School Days

School starts today. It shouldn't matter to me, being that I have no one in school. But it matters a lot. Because I live in the Bermuda triangle between the high school and two elementary schools. Oh, and the bus barn. No matter which way I go when I leave my house, I have to pass a school. Not much of a problem during the summer, but when school starts... look out!

Trips have to be pre-arranged to the minute if I don't want to spend hours just trying to get out of the driveway. And once I am on the I go this way and risk getting run over by a team of teen-age drivers in training for the Indianapolis 500...or do I go that way and risk running over a herd of oblivious pedestrians who have been taught that all traffic on the street will stop as soon as they step off the curb...? Decisions, decisions...

All summer long, traffic on our street has been disrupted by the Black Hole of Calcutta a few houses down from us. It has been growing by the day, filling up with *water* (?), overflowing into nearby yards and running down the street. Fortunately, we live upstream. . .

All summer long, the only fix provided by the city has been a traffic cone in the big middle, a challenge to every driver along this narrow obstacle course: orange cone on the edge of the hole, cars parked along both sides as far as the eye can see, and a bus coming down the middle.

On Friday, just a weekend away from school, a full crew finally showed up to dig up the street, plug up the leak, and fill up the hole...just in time for the wannabe race car drivers from the high school to have plenty of room to accelerate from 0 to 90 in two blocks, unimpeded.

Why now...?

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grammaw marina said...

All young people want old people to dry up and blow away, so they can do the inconsiderate, awful, dumb, annoying, dangerous, attention-getting stunts they want to do, without anyone cramping their style. But the joke is on them! By the time we've blown away, THEY'RE the old ones! HAH!