Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back To School

I rarely watch tv. Really. But, I confess an interest in Michael Phelps (The Princess thinks it's M himself, on tv! But that's another story altogether.), so I have been taking a peek at the Olympics now and then.

So.... What's on tv these days? Well, the the main event from what I can tell, seems to be one long MoreMart commercial, interrupted only occasionally by the latest Olympic update. There are two commercials that alternate, playing over and over and over. Both feature a mom of a daughter.

In the first one, the daughter seems to be a middle teenage girl. The mom laments, "I can't go to school with her and remind her how wonderful she is, but fortunately, I can get her everything she needs to feel good about herself at MoreMart without breaking my budget." This is important. "What she needs to feel good about herself..." I'm guessing that would be snazzy new clothes, shoes, the right makeup, a cool backpack, an assortment of "school supplies." An interesting, if shallow, proposition.

But there's more. Mom then finishes up with: "All she has to do is be herself." Huh? So...Could "herself" really be enough? Or does she really need all the sundry accoutrements of crass commercialism run amok? Which is it?'s something to think about.

Then there's the second commercial, the one featuring the little girl. This time Mom proclaims, "I can't get on the bus with her or hold her hand and lead her around, but" ...once again, MoreMart to the rescue...! "I can get her everything she needs to succeed." And then there sits the little girl, surrounded by all sorts of fun school supplies: Notebooks, paper, pencils (Do kids even use paper and pencils anymore?), crayons, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc.

Just imagine ~ Everything they need to succeed. Everything you can buy at MoreMart. Fortunately... brain not required.


jlbo1981 said...

You go girl!!!! My sentiments exactly. They don't need brains anymore, we hand feed everything and don't make the kids have to try or do anything. I Love IT!!!

Just Say No to Cardinals said...

I bought pencils and paper yesterday :) We're also required to take our laptops to class, though...but, I anticipate using them.