Saturday, August 9, 2008

Give Him an A!

John Edwards, erstwhile blow-dried vice-presidential candidate, out on the campaign trail. What a guy! While his wife is duking it out with breast cancer, he, in the best tradition of Bill Clinton, is having a "liaison" with another woman. Yep, he'd definitely be my pick!

Now, some years later, Edwards is still/again politically involved. Business as usual, except that now there is an extra little kidlet running around, though, of course, Edwards is almost certain it isn't his.

So then...why is he (non)confessing at this late date? Well, it seems that he doesn't like reading about himself in the tabloids. In other words, he got caught. If the tabloids hadn't brought it up, I don't imagine he would have, either. Not much of a confession, is it? we go again...