Saturday, August 2, 2008

More Fun @ Beast Barracks

  • Don't sign up for the Army, no matter how much they smile.
  • Scaling a 75-foot cliff is not easy in boots.
  • M knows how to make a one-rope bridge. In case anyone at home needs one.
  • Rappelling down a 75-foot wall is too short. They will not let you go again.
  • Rappelling in the rain = GREAT!
  • The girl from E totally flat-turtled on the cliffs. Like twice.
  • Prickly heat on the back is NOT fun.
  • Omnipresent and omniworsening shinsplints lead to ibuprofen.
  • A hole in your protective gear can sear your neck.
  • Tear gas smells like being really close to a huge bottle of clorox. x10 or so.
  • We thought a pear was a big deal? M ate a BANANA. TWICE!
  • Piano playing is a rare treat.
  • Nc's take their new M-16's everywhere.
  • M was accepted in the Cadet Chapel Choir.
  • There are no picky eaters at Beast.
  • M was *referred* to the Glee Club. Wow...referred...Sounds official, doesn't it?
  • Near the stairs is not a good place to faint/pass out.

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