Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wicked Winter Weather Woes

YES! "Seasonal" weather! Winter is reaching its icy fingers down deep in the the Heart of Texas, and we are freeeeeeeezing. Really.

It is down in the 30's, and even downer into the 20's this morning. The cars are frosted, the road is ice-coated, and the wind is Azore-worthy. Accidents on area highways abound, from fender-benders to rollovers, and the police plead for everyone to stay home unless they have to be out.

Now that I think about it, I believe we have passed seasonal and ventured over into beyond. In fact, I notice the weather news is replete with reports of record cold and snowfall, ice storms, and power outages all over the country, and the season has barely started. It won't even be officially winter until next week....?!! What is up with that? Oh, wait, wait. I know!

It's gotta be that treacherous global warming!


grammaw marina said...

Wow, sounds nice and NOT HOT!

Civilla said...

Oh, too cool. Such a small world! We went there when we were a "cute young couple". We were Army people, as were many of the people at that church. I remember some Wamplers and a lady named Melissa Balusek (who could forget a name like that?). Other than that, I can't remember anyone. The preacher at the time was Jeff Stafford, but he and his wife have passed away...