Sunday, December 14, 2008

A December Day

Sundays follow a sort of pattern around here. Generally pretty monotonous, but... thanks to my upbringing in the 50's and 60's, when the objective of parenting was training children, rather than entertaining them, I am pretty good at it ;-)

Since it is just my Man and I, Sunday mornings are no longer the frantic exercises they once were. Nowadays we get up and ready and then have time to do what we want until it is time to go to church.

The Blue-Eyed Boy spent the night with us last night, but his mom picked him up dark and early, just after 7:00am, so we barely noticed his presence this morning.

We left early, in order to have time to run off the bulletin before Bible study started. We have some new two-sided bulletin covers, the copying of which we had mastered, we thought, but we ended up doing a fierce battle with them and the machine before our eventual triumph, so it was good that we were there early. Our preacher is the best, and this morning his study and sermon were up to his usual standard.

Afterward we decided to try out a new Mexican restaurant for lunch. In the words of a friend who went with us, the place was "too upscale for a Mexican restaurant to last," specifically too clean and too light/bright. ;-/ The menu was very like the one at another place we occasionally go, only a bit spendier, and I ordered a chicken chimichanga, which was served with rice and beans. If you overlook that there was nothing green on that plate, the food was good enough, but too much to finish, and I hate wasting food!

Most of the afternoon was spent with the luxury of a three-hour nap. I have found that the most satisfying pleasures of life are the simplest: a shower, a good stretch, and, yes, a nap. By the time I woke up it was late afternoon, and we were off for the evening assembly.

We ordinarily go out and eat with friends on Sunday night, but tonight we were still full of chimichanga and things, so we skipped dinner and came home to our empty nest. Tonight we are getting things ready for a full day of appointments tomorrow, including a filming date with Emily, who is doing a segment on chimney sweeping.

At the end of the day, I am thankful for my family and my church and my friends, and I am excited that my Man has been blessed with a fine, though probably only temporary, helper. All simple things, all the best.


Anonymous said...

"but... thanks to my upbringing in the 50's and 60's, when the objective of parenting was training children, rather than entertaining them, I am pretty good at it ;-)"

I love it! How true...we now live in such an entertainment driven world that we forget how to just be still and enjoy life. Sounds like you and your man had a great Sunday. The Mexican food sounds yummy. I love Mexican.

Thanks for stopping by the domestic fringe. Hope you come back soon!

Civilla said...

One of my jobs is doing the church bulletin, and I LOVE it!

Civilla said...

Oh, been glancing over some of your posts on Texas. What a contrast -- we are buried under snow here and it is below zero! We have lived in Texas 4 times: Ft. Hood (Copperas Cove); Abilene (ACU); Wichita Falls (Shepherd AFB); and Tyler, where we started an independent church. We know a lovely man and his family from the Houston area: Raymond Symens. I think he goes to a Baptist church.

Marytoo said...

Thanks for stopping by, FringeGirl!

Marytoo said...

Civilla, I have been doing our church bulletin for the last ten years or so. I mostly love it, but I don't like having to figure out new techno-issues!

Just Say No to Cardinals said...

I have a lot of friends and Tyler and won a few trophies at a tournament there :)

Marytoo said...

Oh, there,'s a small Texas after all ;-)

grammaw marina said...

Ahem...not to be left out: I have a husband born in Ft. Worth...