Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Bloggy Woggy

It's the Season of Sweeping, there's no time to think,
There's no time to write; I can't play, eat, or drink.
There's phone calls and schedules and things to remember,
There's clients and Xmas to fill up December.
There's shopping and cleaning, and chimneys on fire
At homes where they thought that our price was too higher.

I'm worn out and ragged, it's getting old fast!
I don't know how long I'll be able to last.
I'm tired and tireder; the pace is too quick;
I lack the endurance of good old Saint Nick.

Just us and we're tired. We're waiting to see
If we can hang on, just till February?
Only two months to go till the chimneys cool down
And then, then at last, we can go out of town.

What's that, a vacation?! Can that really be?
We'll visit our boy at W. P!
It's Plebe/Parent Weekend, and we'll spend some time
With our boy, where he stays, on the taxpayer's dime.

And then we'll come home, all rested and new,
And next thing you know, the next year will be through.
We'll be back in the trenches, just sweeping away,
Madly awaiting our next chance to play.

So there ya go, girlfriend, all I can do:
Your own bloggy woggy. I wrote it for you!


grammaw marina said...

WOW! I Wuv my bloggy-woggy!!! Thank you much! I didn't know you are a poet, it's just great and I was so surprised this morning!

grammaw marina said...

Tell those dumb customers
who say price is too high
If they don't clean the chimney
the fires will fly
The house will burn down
Their hearts will be dark
They'll be lookin' around
to board Noah's ark.
They won't have a roof,
four walls or a pot,
Because they too cheap
to protect what they got.

Marytoo said...

HAHAHA!!! You are so funny! I love it!