Friday, November 14, 2008

AN OrdiNary November Day

D and the Princess and the Gingerbread Cookie left yesterday, so after the last two+ months of continual, relentless little girl chitter-chatter, today has been unusually quiet.

D reports that it is snowing in Kansas today; M reports mist in New York. Here has nothing so wondrous to offer: It's a bit windy, though far short of blustery. But still, it's unmistakably fall. I hope that it mists and rains and snows in Heaven. That alone would make it worth going ;-) Well, almost. Any way it would be a definite plus.

I spent a good bit of the day just sorta catching up. Changing sheets, doing laundry, picking up, doing errands, answering the phone.

I packed up some goodies and mailed a package to M. He costs me way more at West Point than he ever did at home. But he's way worth it ;-)

Tonight we are back in "dinner at the old folks' home" mode. Small pans, small plates, small portions.

After dinner I am making a chicken pot pie to take to the Pie Party tomorrow night, followed by solo kitchen duty and laundry folding. Alas, now that D is gone, the work is all mine. Mine alone.


Civilla said...

You have a son at West Point???

Marytoo said...

I do!

Civilla said...

I'm really impressed. My husband is retired from the Air Force. We loved military life, and miss it. Can't talk either of our sons into joining up, though!