Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Mourning, America

A week or two ago we had the choice of voting for socialism or capitalism. Socialism won. Now socialism is a wonderful theory, the problem being that it does not translate well into practice, though of course there are worse things than socialism: communism for instance, or fascism, or possibly anarchy.

The thing that disturbs me...well, one of the things that disturbs me, is that there are many, many happily oblivious socialistic countries out there, where all these short-sighted, welfare- and entitlement-minded miscreants could have moved to live happily ever after, but there was only ever one America.

Why is it that you don't see Americans, or anyone else for that matter, beating a path to any other country's door? No, people the world over want nothing the way they want to come to America.

A year or two ago, M had the pleasure of meeting several Frenchmen who had come over for an American history re-enacting event, an intriguing proposition in and of itself. They were professional, educated men in their 30's, and they carried on a good deal of thoughtful, intelligent conversation about politics and history and current events. At some point in the discussion, M asked them what they, as Frenchmen, thought about America. Their profound and simple answer:

"In our hearts we are all Americans."


jlbo1981 said...

Do you suppose this is why the stock market keeps tanking no matter what any of the powers to be promise? Perhaps the stock market know better than the actual voters.

Civilla said...

Wow! I have lived in other countries, and I would say that the Frenchmen's statement was correct.

Marytoo said...

I grew up in Europe and South America, and I concur.