Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Brain Overflow

  • If they scheme with you, they will scheme against you.
  • Forget what's right. People only care about what is convenient at the time, or whatever gets something for them.
  • I love America. I love that America was conceived by godly men.
  • I still believe in the "Silent Majority."
  • Lose the "get out the vote" mentality. If people aren't motivated enough to inform themselves and vote on their own, they don't deserve to vote. And they certainly don't deserve the right to mess up my life, because:
  • Airheads are easily enticed by lies and false promises, and:
  • Forget the heck out of tomorrow; shallow minds can't even see past the moment.
  • Colleges in general are bastions of liberal non-thinking.
  • It is the "young voters" the media is always catering to that are out of touch with reality, especially the ones of today who have grown up in lala land with the idea that life should be "fair." As if it could.
  • The governments are ordained by God, not necessarily for our comfort.
  • And how is it that the ignorant are so cocksure about everything, while the intelligent are full of doubts?
Faith keeps a close eye on the facts, and it is time to put our faith to practice.