Saturday, November 8, 2008

New for November?

Barack Hussein Obama, America's first hAlfrican-American president (or is he...?).

Seen on the back of a t-shirt popular with black Obama supporters: "BLACK MAN RUNNING AND NOT FROM THE POLICE." This would be hilarious if it weren't so totally tragic. The clear implication is that when you see a black man running, the cops won't be far behind.

Question: Why, oh why, would a black man want to promote such an idea?

Because he just doesn't get it. Obama is culturally, educationally, socially, and financially, one of the elite. Hardly the type to need to run from the police. I wonder how long before his supporters notice?

And by the way, just how black is he exactly? According to the reports, he is 1/2 white, and only 1/4 black, with the remaining 1/4 being Arab. Rumor has it that his Arab family owned black slaves in Kenya, but maybe that's just a rumor. And why is his white half so blatantly disregarded? Could it be that it just wouldn't play well among the mindless masses who only recognize one-way racism?

Some of us may be in for some rude surprises to discover that Obama was one of "us" only long enough to influence and manipulate and use us in order to place himself in a position of power. Now that he has succeeded, he is already backpedaling. Already beginning to renege on his promises by trying to modify and lower expectations.

Some of us still get it. Unfortunately, we will be paying right along with those who don't.

Buckle up, America. Time will tell what "we" have signed up for.

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jlbo1981 said...

Right on girlfriend, well put!!! All those that voted for Obama keep saying this wasn't a racial election, yet the first thing they all say is, "what a great day for African Americans and our children". We are in for a rough ride.