Tuesday, October 7, 2008

WAAAAAH Burger and French Cries

That's it. Party's over. M needs to come home now. I know, I know...he's a big boy.

It seems that he has dislocated his jaw. From a bout in boxing. And he did not even tell the teacher, but he did take himself to the school nurse's office, where he found that they are not allowed to touch jaws, so instead they referred him to dental sick call or something for early tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, he can't really open his mouth big enough to eat, so he put himself on a diet of canned soup (no soup in the dining hall) and Pringles (has to suck them), and he is limiting his talking.

He will be getting a decent grade in boxing, but, Oh My! I am just happy that it will be over with for him next week.

M detests boxing. Thank goodness. But he did sign up for West Point, and when you sign up for West Point, you sign up for a six-week course in boxing. At least if you are a male you do. I had no idea...

So...what do you think we have here? Nothing other than one more case of Kid's dream = Mom's nightmare.


jlbo1981 said...

And yet for all the mommy "nightmares" we continue to encourage their dreams. Ah yes, motherhood, love it.

Just Say No to Cardinals said...

6 weeks? try a 9-week boxing course.

plus a 7-week close quarters combat course next summer.

plus a 7-week knife fighting course at the same time.

plus another 9-week unarmed combatives course next year...

don't worry, boxing's not the end of it.

Marytoo said...


Angie Lou said...

You know, you don't have to tell your Mom EVERYTHING that you do. You might want to let her get some sleep over the next 4 years. :-)