Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Day of Simple Pleasures

  • An early morning shower,
  • Cafe' con leche,
  • Getting to church on time,
  • Running off the bulletin on a copier that works!
  • Sharing the toy soldier's picture with friends that love him,
  • A nice lunch with my Man at a nice restaurant for $1.07, courtesy of the CC Chamber of Commerce,
  • A phone call from a friend,
  • A sunny~but not hot~afternoon,
  • A cup of chocolate-swirled vanilla ice cream,
  • Navigating the converter box/VCR/DVD player/TV maze all by ourselves!
  • A cat purring in my lap,
  • Computer word games,
  • Time to read,
  • Time to write
  • Cinnamon-scented pinecones


Civilla said...

The simple pleasures, right? I know what you mean about a copier that works. I do our church bulletin, and our church's copier was old, and always in need of repair. I lived in fear of being blamed for its latest breakdown. Now, we have a printer copier to go with our computer, and it works like a dream!

Civilla said...

btw, I have lived in Texas four different times: once in Ft. Hood (Copperas Cove is where we rented an apartment); once in Abilene (we are graduates of Abilene Christian University; once in Wichita Falls for Shepherd AFB -- all in the '70's. More recently, early '90's, we lived in Tyler. We now live in the Dakotas.