Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ordinary October Day

My Man has just gone off to work. It was his day off, but his manager was in a bind and asked if he might come in for a few hours and bail them out. My Man appreciates his good managers, so he agreed to help. "I feel like a relief pitcher," he commented as drove off in my van, which he has been driving for the last several weeks while his little truck has been out of commission.

This morning woke up grey and cloudy and beautiful. It actually rained at one point, something that has happened less than rarely this year, so right off the bat, this day was lifted way out of the realm of ordinary. So, even if *gloomy* wasn't my favorite weather, it would have been a beautiful day. I never, never, never get tired of rainy weather.

Our house is full of little girls today. Well, only two, but it sure seems like a houseful at times!

Monga took them off to feed the ducks at the park, and while they were gone I put myself in turbo. Nothing special, you understand, just bare maintenance...started laundry, tidied kitchen, showered, made the bed.

Other than the off-and-on rain that continued throughout the afternoon, the rest of the day was just as ordinary: made/answered lots of phone calls, paid bills, worked on tax school~ACK! Did some errands: post office and three banks. I had an idea I might like to visit the library, but that turned out to be a dream unrealized.

Exactly how ordinary can it get...?

I missed my ordinary day last month because...? Oh, yeah, I remember, no computers in techno-hell.

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Angie Lou said...

Actually (and unfortunately), that computer malfunction stuff was an ordinary day!