Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday...Still, Silent, Sedate

So this is what it feels like, alone in the old folks' home on Saturday night. I had forgotten, after several weeks of Princess and Gingerbread Cookie in the house interspersed with the occasional Blue-Eyed Boy and a couple of visits from BB1, BB2, BB3, and the Other Princess. Yesterday the girls went off to Oklahoma for a few days; this morning the Blue-Eyed Boy's mom came to pick him up bright and early, and my Man was off to work in the dark. So, I really was home alone! Not such a common occurrence anymore.

You might think that with a whole house to myself for a whole day, I would actually accomplish something. But that would be wrong. I may have been by myself, but I wasn't really mine. The time went, as it usually does, taking care of someone else's business rather than my own. Always something bigger than myself. Hmmm...come to think of it, that would be just about everything, wouldn't it...? Anyway, that's what I signed up for when I became the Mom, and there are worse things. I could, for instance, be home alone all the time with nothing but myself to think about.

Fast forward to Sunday. I just got a text message from D. She and the little girls are on their way back. I'm not sure when they will get here, distance being only one thing. The other main issue factoring in is stops. Stops for something to eat, followed by stops for something to drink, followed by potty stops. And when traveling with babies, just crying stops in general. So I'm thinking nighttime. Several hours away yet...just time enough to get ready for Monday...Mayhem.

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