Saturday, September 13, 2008

Escape from Techno-Hell

Well, not entirely, but maybe we're getting closer. My Man and I figured out, all by ourselves, how to fix the phone and the internet. Not to take too much credit, all we did was pull the plug on the whole operation. When we plugged everything back in a few hours later, voila'! It worked! What an unexpected victory! And it sure beat spending three hours on hold with our internet provider's non/tech-support.

That big little success encouraged us to tackle the TV/VCR/DVD dilemma, so after a long-distance consult with one of the kidlets, my Man crawled up in the entertainment center with a flashlight and managed to locate the loose/missing connections. Well, some of them. The DVD player is still on the injured list, but the VCR and the TV are now back on the job.

Meanwhile, it was decided to accept Foxfire's offer of an update to the New and Improved Foxfire3. Alas, unbeknownst to us, Foxfire3 and Vista are engaged in WWIII, and we were drafted. So, it's back to Square One on that computer.

Our other desktop computer dropped out of our little home network quite awhile ago, leaving only our little laptop. Sadly, it was out for surgery, which left us in techno-blackout for the last week and a half, with the exception of a little 17-hour window between our initial victory over our ISP and our induction into WWIII.

Fortunately, our laptop was released from Intensive Care yesterday, lifting the blackout. Unfortunately, I'm not sure it will be able to keep up with the demand for its services. My Man uses it quite a bit for work; I have enrolled in two online classes; and D, who is here for a few weeks, has also signed up for an online class. ACK! We may all have to tighten our belts and go on a severely restricted internet diet.

In the meantime, it is doubtful that WWIII will be resolved, but we have a couple of leads on how we might win our own little battle (Don't worry, M, we won't actually do anything without strict supervision.). be possessed of the elusive techno-gene.... Can one inherit it from one's kidlets?

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