Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Thing About Moms... that once you are the mom, you are never not the mom.

It doesn't matter that your kidlets are grown up:
  • C is a competent, capable SAHM with four little kidlets of her own;
  • While I once patrolled the halls at night checking on all the kidlets sleeping safely in their little beds, now S, a police officer, is on the prowl out there making the world safe for me to sleep in;
  • D, mom of two, is halfway acroxx the country in Kansas of all places, making the most of what comes and the least of what goes;
  • And halfway acroxx the country in another direction, M is becoming a soldier who will have my back on another front.
That's it. They're all grown up. They are adults. They are all responsible, contributing citizens. And they are still my kidlets. I am still the mom. They still check in. We communicate. We visit, we txt, we email, we fb, we im, we talk on the phone.

And it was while I wandered around the house last night, talking on my cordless phone to one of the dd's, that I had my latest epiphany: Phones may have become cordless, but mothers never will.

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Mary at Civilla's Cyber Cafe said...

Oh, I like that: phones may become cordless, but mothers never will. Ain't that the truth?