Tuesday, October 13, 2009

At Home At Home

It has been raining for three days now. The grass is starting to look, uh, a little weedy and unkempt. But I'm not complaining. There can never be too much rain for me. Anyway, I figure we are starting to make up for what we missed this past season. With the year-long drought, we only had to mow two or three times all season, and now that it's raining and the grass is growing, well, summer is well on the way out. Pretty soon the grass will be in hibernation for the winter, so maybe this is all for the best.

Though the Man of the House has been down with a mini-version of the flu or something the last couple of days, he was all set to suit up and get back to work this morning; but dark and early, before we were even up, the phone rang. It was our first client, 25 miles away, with the weather report at her house: torrential rain. Shortly after that we had a call from our next client, 25 miles beyond the first one...same song, second verse.

I got the picture and decided to call and re-schedule the whole day's calendar, though I did wait an hour or two, until I thought they might be out of bed. It can be an exercise in insanity, trying to schedule clients in a way that maximizes time and gas usage; fortunately, everyone on today's business is flexibly retired, so it was easy to move the whole schedule, intact, to another day. Hopefully a dry day.

So my Man ends up at home, on his fourth day of leisure, our fourth day at home alone together. Wow, I don't know when might be the last time that has ever happened. "We" have lots to do:

  • the usual household chores ~ never any vacation from those;
  • pumpkin cookies to make ~ with only two of us here, the vast majority of those, enough to last all year, are going in the freezer;
  • red chicken soup, an old family favorite, for lunch;
  • radio talk shows and tv, of course;
  • a week's worth of laundry to fold, and the once-a-month (or less) ironing;
  • books to read;
  • a constantly ringing phone to answer ~ weather like this suddenly makes everyone think about heating up the fireplace;
  • oh, and tonight, NCIS! It is M's favorite show, the only one we watch with regularity, and we watch it with IM in place, the better to bond with M.
All in all, a great day to stay home.


Mary at Civilla's Cyber Cafe said...

Son shipped out today! Hallelujah! He will like the military and do them a good job, too.

Marytoo said...

Hey, thanks for the update on your boy! Off to... Lackland, maybe? I pray all goes well and very well...