Friday, October 9, 2009


I am in shock. Again. But not in a good way. In case I was harboring any doubt/hope that we are not rushing headlong to hell in a handbasket, on the express, today's news sharply disabused me of that notion.

President Obama. "Humbled" recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Humbled??? What he should be is embarrassed.

Hmmm....What prestigious award could possibly be next? Surely there are accolades to come.

  • Since he loves NCAA basketball, how about a national championship? Or an MVP?
  • Perhaps a Motor Trend Car of the Year? He does know how to drive one.
  • Maybe a Blue Ribbon from the Illinois State Fair? He is known to like pie.
  • A Pulitzer for his books?
  • Or the NASCAR Sprint Cup? No one turns left like President Obummer.
A peace prize for what he wants to do, not for what he's done. The Nobel Peace Prize is officially a joke.

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