Friday, February 14, 2014

Five-Minute Friday...GARDEN

Five Minute Friday
It's GARDEN time!  Garden conjures up alllll sorts of possibilities.  All of them good.  Even the tired aching back after you spend the day pulling weeds out there.  Because there's nothing like a good, honest tired.

I am allll about fresh food.  What a shame that so many children are growing up today thingking food comes from HEB.  They do not even know that it comes out of the ground.

We live in a part of the country where gardening is pretty ongoing.  Even in the dead of our version of winter we have hardy, hearty greens growing out there.  Collard greens and chard and kale, which has been enjoying a new status as the darling of healthy smoothies and snacks in the form of kale chips.  They are just growing away out there, with no input at all from us. 

January is pea-planting time around here.  Sweet little peas, my very favorite!  They never make it to the table in our house.  We go out there and eat them right off the vine, and if you're not careful, someone will beat you to it.

My favorite thing about the garden is how it connects us with ourselves.  I am firmly convicted that God put Adam in the garden for a reason.  It wasn't a random selection.  God could have placed Adam in a city or any other place, but He chose the garden, the place where we connect with the creation and with the Creator.
The kiss of the sun for pardon.  The song of the birds for mirth. One is nearer God's heart in the garden. Than anywhere else on earth.  ~  Dorothy Frances Gurney


Anonymous said...

Love that, about the garden connecting us to ourselves. And God putting Adam in the garden, on purpose...thanks for sharing this with FMF. Great post!

Marytoo said...

Thank you for visiting! I am a firm believer that there is so much healing to be had in the garden.

~Maxine~ said...

The things of our little garden rarely make it to our table either. It frustrates my husband so that this year we hope to have a garden about 5 times bigger. We shall see.

Visiting from FMF