Friday, November 16, 2012

Five-Minute Friday...STAY

                                           Five Minute Friday

I like things to stay as they are.  Most of the time.   Alas, nothing is permanent, nothing stays.

That's the good news and the bad news.  When things are like I like them, I want them to stay.  When they aren't so good, I want them to improve.  But, in spite of all of our modern notions of life, we cannot have it all.

What I really need to come to terms with is that YES = NO.  Did I love my little 2yo's?  Absolutely!  Do I really want them to stay that way forever?  Yes to conducting the life and times of a 2yo (or two or three) = No to the luxury of no responsibility.  It's all a big trade-off, everything in its own time.

Nothing stays the same for long.  In Lamentations 3:23, even God's blessings are new every  morning.

What I really need to do is to embrace the philosophy of a long-ago friend who declared that her favorite Scripture was "...and it came to pass," because ... it didn't come to stay.


Sterling River said...

This is really good! I actually laughed out loud at the end, i love it!

Brenda said...

I love this post. This was exactly what I needed to hear today. I've been a bit weepy this week over our new empty nest. And you are so right...I wouldn't want my kids to stay in one place. They are where God wants them...they didn't come to stay...they came to pass!!

Marytoo said...

Oh, Brenda, I know! That empty nest is a killer. I was doing the "31 Days of..." and I chose the Empty Nest. I only got to Day 18, but I'm getting inspired to take another run at it. "31 Days in 60 Days" maybe.

Kae said...

I love that quote "And it came to pass, because... it didn't come to stay." How true is that? The simplicity in that sentence is just beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I always love having new people!

The Ginger Gypsy said...

Boy it sure is hard to let them fly out of the nest though... love this post!

KC Frantzen and May the K9 Spy said...

This is outstanding! Like previous posters... that last line is perfection.
Thank you!!!
Glad to find your blog!!! :)