Friday, November 9, 2012

Five-Minute Friday...QUIET

One of my favorite Bible stories is found in I Kings 19.  I only have five minutes, so to cut to the chase, God is in the stillness and quietness; He does not compete with noise.

It's no wonder God is lost today, with the general noise level that permeates every little piece of our society.  No matter where I go, my head has to be full of sound.  There is first the ubiquitous music.  In the elevator, in the hardware store, on the bus.  I can't even think to read my list in the grocery store.  And in the restaurant... !!!  Like the background murmur isn't enough, now there is a tv in every restaurant.  No, make that a dozen tv's, because heaven forbid someone might sit down where they can't see one.

Everywhere I look, people have little speakers attached to their ears.  They jog to music.   They drive to music.  I have even seen a woman in church with speakers in her ears and her CD player in her hand.  Even more horrifying, I have seen babies and toddlers in the grocery store cart with earphones stuck on their heads.  What could they be listening to?  I'm sure it's all wholesome and everything, but really ... Are we just teaching a whole generation of kids that they must be entertained All. The. Time???  Are we raising children who cannot stand their own company?

"Make a joyful noise..."  Well, there is definitely a time/place for that.  But in the mundane every day-ness of life, I choose "Be still and know...."

Five Minute Friday


Sterling River said...

Those tv's in all the restaurants are tiresome! but i do rely on the music in the grocery store. If i can recognize the songs i know they are welcoming old people. If it just sounds like crazy noise, then i know to hurry on outta there!

Marytoo said...

That's kinda funny. I never thought of it that way!