Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Past

Three days after Xmas, and more holiday to come:

  • Thursday New Year's Eve party, complete with fireworks, out in the COLD;
  • Friday Dinner with Little Sister and family;
  • Saturday J family reunion.
And then, End of Holiday. Sometimes I think it's easier to stay up all night than to get up in the middle of it, but we do plan to get *some* sleep on Saturday night, the better to get up Sunday "morning" at 2:30 AM to get M to the airport for his 6:01 flight back to West Point.

On a related note, I am still writing "Xmas" cards, only technically I have now moved on the "Happy New Year" cards. I still have miles to go, but I am sooooo far ahead of where I was at this time last year! And, after talking with a number of friends, I am pleased to note that I am not the only one in this predicament. It's a pandemic!

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