Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas, First Shift

S and G and the Blue-Eyed Boy live in a maze in some remote part of the county. Every time we go there it's a whole new world, and we can't remember the way. Or maybe it's that we always come from a different direction...? In any case, yesterday was no exception.

We knew which exit to take off the highway, but...then what? When the road dead ends do we turn left? Or do we turn right? What to do when we get to the high school? And which way is the church that we have to pass in order to get to the bridge? Time to call S for directions. Again. The same way, I'm embarrassed to say, we have to do every time we go to their house. Too bad he isn't answering the phone...

Fortunately, the Chimney Sweep gets around, and after a bit of wandering like the lost tribes of Israel, he saw something familiar and got an inspiration of how to proceed. YAY!! We arrived just minutes after C and D, the BB's, and the Other Princess.

Dinner strayed a bit from the usual, all in a good way: fried turkey, green bean bundles, peppermint cheesecake. Oh, and what was left of the mashed potatoes after the crockpot tipped over in the car at the stop sign.

Presents, too, anything anybody could possibly want...

  • pj's
  • legos
  • books
  • games
  • scented candles
  • soft, fuzzy gripper socks
  • puzzles
  • gadgets
...and the first shift of Xmas passes to memory.

D is still off traipsing the wilds of Kansas and will not be home at all this year, but next year lurks on the horizon getting closer by the minute.

M, happily, will be home tomorrow evening. So...Xmas, Part II, coming up!


Civilla said...

No presents under the tree for us this year, as we just spent a PILE OF MONEY going down to San Antonio for our son's graduation from A.F. basic training, and then on the Mexico to visit my husband's sister's home. It was WELL WORTH IT. Thought of you when we drove through Lampassas. Too bad there was no time to stop and call you and get acquainted. Maybe some day!

Marytoo said...

Wow, Mary, you passed through Lampasas! Sorry we missed you...maybe next time.

Son's graduation, visit to Mexico = great Xmas presents for all of you!