Friday, September 18, 2009


I am in shock. For once in a good way. I am absolutely stunned to hear that Congress has overwhelmingly voted to defund ACORN.

According to the CBS News this evening, this will cost ACORN "tens of millions of dollars." Man, I hate their luck. But one man's trash is another man's treasure, and what ACORN loses someone else stands to gain. If Katie is right, there is $, $, $ by the pound ton floating around, and as was pointed out by a friend just a few hours ago, "There is no dormant $ in Washington."

So...What to do with alllllll that extra $? I vote we use it to fund WALNUT: Workers Against Lazy Non-producers United Together. Equal time/opportunity and all that.

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Nina in Portugal said...

Hi Marytoo!!

I wanted to say thank you for your comment...and..did you know my husband graduated from West Point!?

Small world huh?!

I love the picture of you with your son in his uniform. So VERY handsome!! I remember where that picture was taken on post....I haven't been back since his graduation. Although we tried to make an Army football game before we left the just never happened.

What class is your son? I was dating my husband through all 4 years, so I remember the struggles of being a plebe and the joys of being a Firstie.

And oh...the banquets...and the special events...ring weekend...100th night (I think it was)....wonderful memories.

Just wanted to see if you knew we had that in common.

Have a great weekend!
Nina in Portugal