Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stunning September

Today is September in every way:

  • School traffic running up and down the street,
  • Dove hunting season,
  • Cool temperatures,
  • Cloudy skies.

So who needs all the extra traffic jamming up the road.

What in the world am I going to do with the doves besides clog up the freezer.

And "cool" is sorta relative, isn't it. The best I can say about that is this is still summer in Texas, so any temperature that falls short of three digits is a temperature to celebrate.

But the cloudy sky really is something to write home about at this point.

So, one out of four...Ok, not really stunning. Not yet, anyway. But, it has potential: It is September, even in Texas, and after one of the hottest, longest summers on record, we are on the home stretch!

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grammaw marina said...

Just heard today, up in central Illinois they had one of the coolest summers in a long time - with lots of rain and some of the farmers didn't do so well. A few hundred miles makes a big difference in the weather.