Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's Slingtime!

...as the Blue-Eyed Boy would say.

You know it's springtime outside when:
  • the world is turning green;
  • the grass goes from freshly mowed to ankle-deep overnight;
  • the birds are chirping and twittering incessantly (outside the window, fortunately, at my house; but in other houses the chirps come from inside the chimney);
  • dense fog at dawn; raging, roaring, rolling thunderstorms in the morning; a steaming sauna by mid-afternoon;
  • sweat happens :-(

You know it's springtime inside when:
  • the table is served with fresh green food;
  • the refrigerator and the pantry get a cleanout in the same week;
  • the windows stay open day and night;
  • the closets go from flannel and long sleeves to shorts and t-shirts;
  • the two-shower day is making a comeback.

Definitely Sling!


Domestic Designer said...

I love springtime! You asked me were You might get the pattern the sweater I knitted. It is from Vogue Knitting Fall 2007. I am sure that you could get the back issue. Happy Knitting!

Domestic Designer said...

Vogue Knitting is a magazine. I think it is published quarterly. I am sure that they would have back issues available for purchase.

Domestic Designer said...

Me again. I just went to www.vogueknitting.com and I found the Fall 2007 edition still for sale under the back issues section. I think it was 14.99. Hope this helps!