Wednesday, April 29, 2009


PANDEMIC! The Swine Flu is upon us. Or is it? Not so sure, since we have now been instructed to call it the H1N1 virus, or something like that. Apparently "Swine Flu" is giving pigs a bad name. Well, whatever...a virus is a virus is a virus.

Ok. So to believe the media hype, the Swine Flu H1N1 is pandemic. Imagine...a Global Epidemic. That means everywhere. But, according to the same media, as of last night there were six people hospitalized with H1N1 in the entire country. Six? Pandemic? How many people are hospitalized in this country with TB or pneumonia or AIDS or HIV or who knows what other host of infectious diseases? I bet it's a whole lot more than six, and I don't hear any outcry going on about those.

So one person has died in this country with the virus. I feel bad for that family, I really do, and I don't want to trivialize it in any way. So what about the 36,000 that die from the regular flu every year? They don't call that a pandemic. Does one death from Swine Flu = Pandemic? If it does, then every infectious disease in this world is in a state of pandemiconium.

My Man always says if you really want to get to the root, just follow the $ trail. Hmmm...Well, let's see, Obama has graciously doled out $15 bil to the pharmaceutical industry. Of course the media stands to gain revenue from the ratings, and when it comes to ratings in this Age of Excess, the more sensational/spectacular/scandalous the better. So there are two possibilities.

The ludicrous inconsistencies coming from higher up are creating panic, but perhaps that is by design, allowing that giving the beleaguered public something new to worry about will take its mind off of its current economic and other woes. Besides, who knows what kind of wheeling and dealing might be taking place in the back room while all eyes are focused on the Virus...After all, why waste a perfectly good crisis?

  • We have a pandemic for Pete's sake, and yet the borders remain wide open, come one come all, and bring your latest diseases with you.
  • Outdoor sporting events have been canceled, but child warehouses child care centers and most schools remain open. A quick check with the Public Health people would reveal that outdoor events aren't really problematic. Closed spaces, where little people cough and spit and sneeze on each other and breathe recycled air, are, however, a different story.
  • They say we have plenty of flu medicine available, but they tell people there's no need to stock up.
Well, WHICH IS IT???? If it's truly pandemic, then let's get serious and give it its due. Lets shut the borders and close public places and quarantine the infected, and inconvenience be hanged. If it's merely the newest strain of flu showing up for the year, as happens every flu season, then could the media just stop whipping up hysteria? And if the Powers That Be really don't know, then could they find out and take some appropriate, rational action instead of all the knee-jerking they are doing?

Personally, I am depending on the time-tested methods of avoiding illness: wash hands often, don't eat/drink after anyone else, cover coughs/sneezes, wash hands often, stay home when sick, eat good, healthy foods, get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, wash hands often. And if I feel the need to medicate I am well-stocked with Vitamin C, elderberry, echinacea, and GSE.

And on that note, Will the Real Story please stand up?


grammaw marina said...

Additional good tools for fighting flu and colds are colloidal silver and gargle with tea tree oil - just a couple drops in an ounce of water.

Of all the odd people to quote, but he's absolutely right, is Marilyn Manson who said governments have to spread fear. Or something to that effect.

jlbo1981 said...

And so it goes.

Marytoo said...

Oh, I am glad you reminded me! I forgot about colloidal silver and tea tree oil, both of which I have right here on hand.

Marytoo said...

Marilyn Manson, of all people. But how indeed could governments keep their grip or justify their existence if they didn't have everybody scared of everything?

Mary at Civilla's Cyber Cafe said...

Hi, Mary! Cool story about donating your hair! I'm sure there are people out there who appreciate that very, very much.

Oh, about the flu: somebody (Mother of Dog) who works in the medical field explained what "pandemic" means -- just that it is everywhere, NOT deadly. I thought just the opposite, that it was another black plague on our hands.

Read her comment in the comment section of Terry's latest post, Monday Musings: it is called Breathing Grace
Terry, an Ornament of His Grace. You probably "know" her.

Oh, my son ships out July 28. Did you read my next to last post on military oaths (a spoof)? Read it. You will laugh. (Wine for word verification? Too funny!)

Connie said...

Terrific post. You have voiced my sentiments exactly!