Friday, February 27, 2009

The Economy

The main topic of every newscast. But is it dying? Or is it booming? I guess it's sorta according to who you ask. For instance, this evening the CBS Nightly News ran a report on a survey they put together. All they did was to go around and poll people at several public places including a church, a job fair, and a car race.

Everyone had an opinion, ranging from "this too shall pass," not surprisingly at a church, all the way to my *favorite*: "A recession?! This is more like a DEPRESSION!" Strangely, this came from guess who, a person in the crowd at the car race. Well, I am not a professional economist or anything, but it seems to my uneducated mind, that a person who can afford to go to a car race must have at least some discretionary income. I know I haven't been to any car races lately.

So, here is my own little survey. Check these out, and make up your own mind. Is this a recession? Or is it a depression? Or, could it be, as it has ever been ~ the best of times, the worst of times...???

  • Now if you look here, you might conclude that, yeah, this is a recession. But so what? Let the good times roll!
  • If you can't quite afford the car races, this might interest you.
  • E-life being what it is, I'm not sure how we're going to get along without this one.
  • And on the home front, I'm happy to report that business is booming.
Whatever you conclude, there's no need to worry. Everything is going to be fine. Or is it? To quote the lovely Iron Lady, "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."


grammaw marina said...

Not only do you need to keep birds out of the chimney - we were once infested with bats! Old Papa didn't want to do anything, hoping they would go away. But after a few weeks the squealing got so loud we couldn't hear the tv. So he put a metal mesh over the chimney and smoked 'em out. It was awful.

50s Housewife said...

Well Wal-Mart is packed every time I go in, so people must have at least SOME money to spend. :) Maybe they just aren't shopping at Dillards anymore.

Just Say No to Cardinals said...

If those R-tards want to spend money, good for them.

People donating at church, productively going to job fairs, getting their chimney swept, going to car races, and, yes, going to Whacko Jacko's concert helps you out (directly or indirectly).

So, with that in mind, I wouldn't be concerned with these idiots spending their money on whatever they want. Whether they're building a sports stadium, renovating an apartment building, or building a Neverland, it's all good. Whether you call it a recession, depression, or boom, it matters not.

The problem is when the government feels the need to get involved and help people out who have over-spent at church, car races, chimney sweeps, and white glove concerts. That's when spending adversely harms you.

So, people spending money isn't, in and of itself, bad. It's quite good. Don't worry about them spending within or beyond their means; worry about the government ;)

Marytoo said...

I'm not worried about them! I'm just saying if they have enough $ for the car race, they must have some $ to waste. Anyway, they can spend their $ on whatever they want. I just don't think *we* ought to have to bail them out. ;-)