Friday, May 30, 2008

A Two-Shower Day

It may only be "slingtime" on the calendar, as the Blue-Eyed Boy would say, but deep in the heart of Texas it is already hotter than Phoenix. The day was full of car washing, yard mowing, fence building, garden hoeing, prompting the second shower of the day.

One of the glitches I have observed over the years of growing Empty-Nested-ness is that life continues. I once had delusions that when there were no more children to take care of, there would be little to no work to be done. Wrong assumption. What has happened instead is that the daily care keeps on.

Out of the mouths of babes as C once observed, "Mom, life is just one big maintenance job." The only things that have noticeably declined are laundry and kitchen work, neither of which has ever been a problem for me. Those two chores do themselves. But, oh, the others...! Dust still accumulates, grass still grows, paperwork still multiplies, spiders still spin their webs, errands still must be done in vehicles that still need every manner of attention.

Dailiness goes on...only now there is no one to delegate to...

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