Friday, September 28, 2012

Five-Minute Friday...GRASP

It Will Never Be the Same

I am going through some things in my life right now.  Lots of reflection and introspection and feelings of loss.  This summer we have been from the cradle to the grave.  New baby, living room redo, college graduation, wedding, surgery, and funeral.  I think that about covers it.

It has left me kinda at sea.  What is next?   

I am a writer in my heart.  But with so much chaos in my's something I haven't done in too long.  I want to get back in it.  So...YAY! for Five-Minute Friday!  And thank you to my pal Cindy for the connection.

Last Sunday we went to church with our son and dil.  It's the first time we have been to their church.  It was pretty different than what we are used to, but I listened attentively to a very good sermon.  It was about grief and forgiveness, and the 23rd Psalm.  There was the usual Power Point list, and.... 

#4... "Accept that it will never be the same."   

"It will never be the same" grasped my attention like nothing has in quite awhile.  I am trying to remind myself every day when I am feeling sad and lost, that things go on.  Never the same again, but it can still be good.  Nothing is without God's hand.

I really need to GRASP that thought.

   Five Minute Friday


dayebydaye said...

Sounds like God planned that perfectly just for you. I love when He does that. Wrote about Psalm 23 yesterday- so much to learn from it. Sorry for your losses, but rejoicing with your joys! May you feel God's comfort surrounding you!

Anonymous said...

This week our pastor will be preaching on the 23rd Psalm. I can appreciate your trials although I haven't experienced grandchildren or kids getting married yet. I hope you will return to one of the things you do so naturally - write. I want to hear your heart, we have a lot in common. Love you!

LadyM said...

I found you through The Nester (I also do 5 Minute Fridays tho!). Anyway, I wanted you to know that I shared this post with my mom and she said she cried, and then I just heard her sharing your post on the phone with a church friend.

Marytoo said...

LadyM, thank you so much for visiting my Five-Minute Friday. God is dealing with me. ;-)

I love your mom!

Anonymous said...

Yes, thankfully God is dealing with all of us! I enjoyed your post and have been catching up on the rest of your blog. I like the way you write!