Friday, March 5, 2010


I have the dubious distinction of playing host to the biggest, baddest sore throat on the planet. To borrow a phrase from the deadly departed Saddam Hussein, it is The Mother of all Sore Throats.

The last time I had this sore throat was, hmmm.... back in January. It was a just-shoot-me-now kind of sore throat, but it lasted only one day. Alas, it was followed by five solid weeks of rib-shattering coughing, but last Monday I noticed that the coughing had eased up quite a bit, so, even though my ribs were still sore, they were getting a break.

Tuesday my ill health took a Sabbatical while I worked a 14-hour day at the election, but yesterday, oh, my...

Yesterday the sore throat was back, with an edge, and instead of hanging out with D and the Princess and the Gingerbread Cookie, I spent the day trying out different cold/sore throat remedies:

  • Tried-and-true hot water with honey and lemon. Check.
  • Hot whiskey. Check.
  • Salt water gargle. Check.
  • Vicks. Check.
  • Tea tree oil gargle. Check.
  • Sore throat spray. Check.
  • Hot tea. Check.
  • Zinc lozenges. Check.
  • Plain hot water. Check.
  • Raw garlic. Really.
I tried them allll. Nothing touched it. It's a sore throat on steroids. I'd say the prize for the worst remedy was the tea tree oil gargle. Until I tried the garlic. Holy cow! That might have been the longest ten minutes of my life. It put tears in my eyes and fire in my mouth. If it had half the effect on the germs that it had on, the possibilities are endless. But no. Same old sore throat, and now I definitely need a new toothbrush.

That was yesterday.

Today, Round Two: Airborne, vinegar gargle, nutmeg tea, more Vicks, more hot tea. So far no good. I would have tried the dark Karo syrup gargle, but I don't have any of that, and I would have tried the neti pot, but I don't have any plain salt on hand, so those will be for tomorrow after a quick trip to the store.

So. Advice and suggestions welcome. I am willing to try anything. If anybody out there is working on any experimental drugs, I'm your guinea pig. For now, I am going to go to bed. At 8:30. Hardly proper.

If things don't improve around here, I may have to resort to my very last resort...GASP...the doctor...

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. said...

Sorry you're feeling that bad. While I didn't gargle it, I ate a bowl of garlic last night and I rather sympathize with you.

My only suggestion would be more whiskey. Cold whiskey, warm whiskey, hot whiskey, lots of whiskey. If it doesn't cure you, at least it will make you forget about it tonight and maybe you'll have a hangover tomorrow that will make you forget your sore throat. Either way, the side effects should distract you from your problem.

Hope you get to feeling better! love you!