Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Morning

It's a cool cool summer morning. Every cool morning is cool in Texas, especially in the summertime. But today... :-D

  • The air is pleasantly cool and clean.
  • The sun is peeping up over the horizon. That is, the house across the horizon, huh? But, for better or for worse, it's my horizon...
  • My windows are open wide, and there is a cool breeze blowing in!
  • The birds are still happily chirping out there. Later in the day comes only silence.
  • Today, unbelievably, I have been a grandmother for ten years! Happy Birthday, BB1!
  • I get to stay home today. That is a cherished rarity. Could only be better if the phone would stop ringing.
  • No updates on MJ's funeral yet this morning! That's a biggie.
  • Temperature-wise, this morning was so cool, my Man put on a jacket when he went off to work at 5:30. I know it isn't going to last, but for right now...can't beat it. Well, I take that back, because
  • I hear the phone beeping now. It's a text message from M, off in the wilds of Camp Buckner, with the latest land nav report.
Can't get any better now. This morning is maxed out. Cool on so many levels!

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